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Don't Forget your Passport

U.S. Citizens require a passport when traveling to and from Mexico. Expired passports are not valid. Citizens of other countries should check entry requirements with their appropriate consulates.

Arrival in Los Cabos

After claiming their luggage travelers stop by the Customs counter where stop lights for luggage revision need to be cleared. After clearing Customs, guests will proceed to the exit door marked "GROUPS" (right side) and out through the automatic glass doors. They'll be greeted by uniformed bilingual CTA staff that will be standing approximately 30 feet away from the restricted area with the name of the host company or client's name. Airport regulations do not permit CTA Staff to enter airport beyond this point. Once guests are greeted, they will be led to their respective transportation, easily identified by a signage.

Airport Layout


Los Cabos is home to some of the best resorts and international hotel chains in the world, attracting visitors from around the globe. Groups and Incentive Programs will find some of the finest resorts and hotels with innumerable choices of suites and well-appointed rooms to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets.


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