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Take your group on special outings aboard a plush yacht and excursions to nearby islands, up to the Pacific Coast or the Sea of Cortez. Or include in your itinerary one of the many day trip options from kayaking to arts & crafts shopping and eco tours, to desert outings, marine wildlife expeditions and much more...


Horseback Riding

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Explore Los Cabos and the stunning Baja coast, riding a camel or a horse. These beautiful and friendly animals will create an unforgettable Baja experience. Enjoy half - or full-day sightseeing tours of the coast with lunch.


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Los Cabos is a recreational sailor's dream with endless undeveloped coastline, small islands and open waters to explore. Discover the world-class sea kayaking destination with coves, inlets, water caves and beaches that are only accessible by kayak.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

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Dive into the sparkling waters of the Sea of Cortes, described by Jacques Cousteau as the "world's aquarium". Get close to a colorful underwater world of beauty and wonder with living coral reefs, sand falls, ocean canyons, old shipwrecks and everything from tropical and schooling fish to Hammerhead sharks, Moray eels and turtles.


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A colorful and diverse selection of handmade arts and crafts is sold in local shops including silver jewelry, hand-painted ceramics, wrought-iron accessories, flowing Mexican dresses, wood carvings and furnishings. Mexico's signature and internationally celebrated age-old liquor, Tequila, and Cuban cigars are available at specialty stores.

Local Towns & Villages

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Several towns and villages easily reached on day trips offer history, shopping and more. Todos Santos, originally a Jesuit mission and plantation, today is known for its fishing industry, fruit orchards and handmade crafts. Up the Pacific coast thru a wondrous desert landscape with a backdrop of jagged mountains, are small picturesque fishing villages such as Miraflores, Santiago, and the capital of Southern Baja, La Paz.

Whale Watching

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From January to March, Los Cabos is blessed with the arrival of the majestic grey whales migrating from Alaska to calve and spend winter in the warm waters of the Baja Peninsula. Grey whales may be spotted spouting and frolicking along the coast. The sensation of connecting with these gentle, playful animals will create lifelong memories.


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