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From event planning and logistics to AV technology and catering solutions, Corporate Travel Alliance provides the help and resources you need to make your event a success. From the moment you say "go" you will be supported by a dedicated event planner selected from our Corptravelalliance team.

Our experience and skills will bring together the resources to suit the unique requirements of your event, helping you to ensure that everything runs smoothly and successfully from start to finish.

Our planning team knows that a successful event starts long before the visitors arrive and will support you in the lead up to your event with:

• Ensuring that your event makes best possible use of the spaces and facilities available
• Developing the special touches that will make your event distinctive
• Planning the pre- and post-event logistics and access requirements
• Meeting delegates' and visitor s' needs both before and during the event
• Taking care of security and meeting health and safety obligations
• Providing the best possible access facilities for delegates and visitors


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